He's isn't only 6, is he?

I cannot believe the discussion we had with Little Joe last night at the dinner table. He came up with a game for us to play while eating. And yes...it was a little mind-blowing...

The gist: One person gives 3 clues about a Star Trek Spaceship...and the other 2 people have to guess which ship it is. (and, by the way, there is more than one Enterprise...depending on the show, season and timeframe).

This kid never ceases to amaze me. He knew the DETAILS. And I mean DETAILS, people! I simply cannot believe that a 6-year old knows so much about a fictional (OK, to some people it is real) world of starships and space travel. Holy Crow. He even knew the Kelvin!! (An often ignored ship, it investigated an unusual anomaly in the form of a spacial lightning-storm. Upon the captain's death, James T Kirk's father became active captain for 12 minutes, enough time to save almost the entire crew, including his wife and newly born son, and distracted Nero's modified Romulan mining vessel long enough for the evacuation shuttles to escape unharmed.)

My kid is such an awesome scifi GEEK!!!

And then - icing on the cake...as we were getting ready for bed, the show "Ghost Hunters International" was starting...and within 0.5 seconds, he heard the theme music, saw a blip on the TV screen, and knew exactly what show it was, and was extremely excited to watch it.

He is such a curious little munchkin...

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