good and bad and anxiety.

Positive #1: I am drinking the most wonderful coffee right now. I went to Meijer's bulk coffee section, and some idiot had filled a ton of bags with coffee beans, and not labeled them. I mean, c'mon. JERK!! So...in my bid to do something nice...(so the beans wouldn't be wasted)...I picked up a random bag and put it in my cart. I have no clue what kind of coffee I'm drinking...but HOLY CROW! It is GOOD!!!

Positive#2: I slept well last night, and I even had a good dream...not a nightmare (which I've been having lately...or at least bad dreams that scare the heck out of me!) This dream was pleasant!!

Negative #1: I am feeling very overwhelmed by so many things right now. too many to list.

Negative #2: I stepped on a sliver of glass yesterday and sliced open my big toe. It hurts. there is an inch long gash on the bottom of my toe. and there was LOTS of blood. (but, Little Joe took charge, and played doctor. He even put the band aid on and told me to keep my foot up).

I'm feeling very anxious today. I have alot to do for lectures over the next few weeks, and I'm having difficulty putting together an organized lecture schedule. I just need to buckle down and do it.

Today, I also am having lunch with a friend from Troy. He was a fireman that retired when I was there, but we kept in touch. He wants to take me to lunch. But, this also entails me to 1. go to Troy. 2. return my books at the library, which is next to City Hall. and 3. potentially see people that I don't want to see. I'm not mad at anyone. Well, I'm mad at a few people who have made some pretty insincere comments, and they had better stay out of my way. but, I'm really not mad...I'm embarrassed. I don't have a full time job yet. I have lots of things in the works...but nothing really happening. so, I look like a fool. ugh.


Heather said...

Jen - you could NEVER look like a fool. You have so much good going on that it's not even funny. Don't let people's insincere comments get you down. You are tough fo sho...let 'em have it! You will definitely get full time work and in short time no doubt. I'll be your cheerleader :)

Nina Misuraca Ignaczak said...

Jen you are the farthest thing from a fool. You are a college professor, for Pete's sake!

TRY TRY TRY to enjoy the downtime. I know you'll be off and running sooner than you think.