Movies that surprise you

Ever have one of those late evenings, or early mornings when you start flipping channels? I mean, REALLY flipping channels...because there is absolutely NOTHING on television that sounds remotely interesting, yet you have no desire to be productive at that moment, so you KEEP flipping channels until something catches your eye? Yeah...that was me, this morning.

Right now, we are getting the movie channels for free, as a bonus thank you from the cable company. (sidebar: we are never going to actually pay for the movie channels, because nothing good is ever on them anyways!!!) anyhow...I happened upon The Soloist. Recent movie with Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., it is the true story of a homeless man living on the streets of Los Angeles. In a life prior, he had been a Juilliard student, classically training in the Cello. However, because of mental illness, he left Juilliard, and ending up sleeping on the streets.

If you ever need to appreciate what you have, watch this movie.
If you ever need to learn to love the music you hear, watch this movie.
If you ever need to take a step back in life and remember what is important, watch this movie.

Let me preface though, by saying this: I REALLY don't like Jamie Foxx. Never have, never will. He is the reason I didn't want to watch the movie - I didn't like him on In Living Color, and the fact that he named a show about himself, after himself? C'mon. He's full of himself. Nonetheless...his performance was good in the movie. Very good. RDJ, though....WOW! He redeemed himself from Ironman in my book. His portrayal of Steve Lopez (the columnist that starts writing about the musically inclined homeless man...) was astounding. I know he isn't alot of people's favorite actor...but he really impressed me this time.

So - enjoy your afternoon, see if you can find this movie on your OnDemand...make a bowl of popcorn and cuddle with the one you love.

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