I'm not getting a kickback...but HOW COOL IS THIS??

This would help me achieve one of my goals for this year. Most of the GF recipes have the amounts in mass/weight, rather than cups of whatever. So...this would be PERFECT. Now, I just have to find one at a store near me, or order it from Amazon.com. I could have bread again!! YEAH!!!

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Darcy said...

Hey cuz! This is way cool. I just was looking at one at our store the other day! I saw it at sur la table. It's a fancy cooking store, have you heard of it?? I bought a zester and a candy thermometer that day :)
So... You should come visit Indy and get it! Ok, that's just my ploy to get to see you, but maybe it'll work?!? :)
Hope all is well! Miss you- love you! Darc