Do You Have a Passion? (Or are you a passionate person?)

What is your passion? I mean, TRULY? What is something that you love to learn about, engross yourself in, surround yourself with, and/or simply love?

Can you have more than one passion? Yes
Can your passion change daily? Yes
Can you share your passion? Yes (you should!!)

I'll share a little bit of what my passions are today...(yes, in list form...)

1. being an awesome mom & wife - I still haven't figured how to do this exactly...but I try darn hard to do so! Whether it is making sure that my husband is taken care of, or showing my son how to tie his shoes (for the umpteenth time). This will be a lifetime passion of mine. Sometimes I think it comes easy; sometimes I feel like I have lost the "passion". But I know that this is one thing that truly brings joy to me: my husband and son.
2. music - so many different forms and sounds and colors. I know music. but I don't know EVERYTHING about music. I know what sounds good. I know what brings a good resonance to my ears; I know that I love Beethoven and Mozart and Verdi and Bach and Handel and Tchaikovsky and Dvorak and Mahler and ugh...I could go on with who I love...I'm OK with Stauss, Wagner, some Italian operas, opera in general isn't my favorite. I love some folk music, but not all of it. I like some Gershwin, but it depends on who is singing it. I love R&B, but not the new nasty stuff. I love Jazz, but not all the time. I love choral music, but not modern stuff. Daniel Pinkham is an exception. I love movie soundtrack music, but only if the movie was good too. Enough about music...I seriously could go on forever.
3. landscape history - how does the built environment and the existing landform create a landscape for human interaction? Ugh. This could be a dissertation...but I find that looking for pattern and proven successes in landscape can teach us lessons for the future and cultural development. (I think I want to teach a class in this!!!)
4. Michigan history (including Detroit history) - Detroit has such a colorful history. Looking solely at the census for the past 100 years, Detroit was once an icon of what a city should be. Now it is an icon of what a city DOESN'T want to be. But the bones are still there. The architecture is still there. The art is still there. The people, maybe not so much.
5. french horn - I wish I still played. I love listening to horn music. There is something sultry, smooth and bold about the horn. It isn't used enough. (I think that is the complaint of all horn players...we were always relegated to playing the peck horn part, which sucks!!)

Tomorrow, I know my passions will be different. Maybe they will be similar...but that's what I like about me. I have so many interests, and I truly enjoying so much.

What are your passions?

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