Racking the Wine...with a little help.

So, last Sunday evening...I decided to rack my wine. I started this wine on December 29th...so it has been fermenting/etc. for a few weeks now. It has been stinky, and cloudy, and now...check. it. out:

I had a (little) bit of difficulty though...and I'm SO glad my favorite 6-year old son was there to show me how to do things. First...after siphoning the wine into the bottles...I couldn't put the cork in. Yes. You read that correctly. I couldn't figure out how to work the corker....Until...MY SON SHOWED ME HOW. No joke. geek. But, I hadn't soaked the corks long enough, so there was some difficulty there....AND....to make matters worse, I didn't have the corker screw set correctly. (I learned this after "finishing" each bottle with a hammer to pound the cork in the rest of the way). But....this is the end product:
Yumm!! Chardonnay. I'm going to let it rest for at least another month...and then start drinking it in April-ish. I did taste it while racking it...it was bright, fruity, not very mellow, but tasty. We'll see what happens!!!

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