Some really cool things are happening right now. I "THINK" I have a job offer. Well, i do, officially - verbally...but nothing is in writing, and I have NO IDEA about any of the details. am I frustrated? A Little. Am I ecstatic? A Lot. It's the one I want. It will be cool. When I know more - I will tell you more. but, for now...just know that things are working out.

Having this time off of work (that is, being a full time working mother/wife/woman), I've had some interesting insights to life. Some are random...some are not so random...some are philosophical...some are life-altering.

1. I am NOT a stay-at-home type of person. I know I have mentioned this before...but it is SO true. I talk to the dog, and I assume she also understands me. I also will admit that I have dropped my son off at school in my PJs.

2. I love a good cup of homemade coffee in my favorite mug, watching the snow fall.

3. We have too much JUNK in our house. We need to purge. And it mocks me. All day long...I stare at the junk, and it stares back. I tell myself that I will get rid of it - but then another pile of junk starts mocking me...and pretty soon I'm overwhelmed. I'm working through it slowly...but there is still a LOT of stuff.

4. I try to do too much. I know I love lists...but my to-do list for today has 38 things on it. No Joke. Some are small. Some I know I will never get to today...or tomorrow. I try to over-achieve, and then I fail.

5. I have no willpower. Not about food...but about working out. I should be exercising every day. And I'm not. I have no excuse for it either.

6. We, as a society, place too much emphasis on success...without any specific definition. Different people have different expectations of success...and until we ALL learn that success is defined by each individual...we have a LONG way to go to respect others, much less ourselves. I know...Heavy. But so true.

7. I like teaching. But not teaching kids. I like teaching adults. I want to be a professor. Wait...I know I already am an adjunct professor...but one of these days...I want to work at a major University and have an office and be the COOL professor!!

8. I am a people person. I need to be around people to thrive. Adults, kids, doesn't matter...but I am a social creature...I do not do well whilst by myself.

9. Our mail lady is very nice, but VERY afraid of Dax.

10. I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator. The worst. Definitely the worst. I always do a good job on whatever it is that I need to do - but I try to fit too much in, and end up procrastinating. Maybe there is a connection between this item and #4. Yeah, probably.

11. I love to cook. I love to share food with people. I love to share my love of food with people. Being GF doesn't HAVE to mean that you can't love food anymore - you just have to not love certain kinds of food, and learn to like new kinds. This ties into one of my goals for this year. Yeah...learning to cook with GF flours. I haven't necessarily started that...but I did learn that cornmeal is really gross. :)

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Mark said...

I hope the job offer goes well. You would be the cool professor.