Naked Joe (!!!)

Ok - so...anyone else have trouble keeping clothes on their kid? Seriously.

Little Joe would rather run around in nothing but his skivvies and a pair of socks. All. The. Time. If we don't leave the house on the weekend...he will never ever get dressed. When will he grow out of this? I mean, I would understand if it were the middle of summer, and we had no air conditioning...but this is ridiculous!!

Even on Xmas morning - I was taking pictures, and of course, he was half naked...at least he had a shirt on! but this kid cracks me up!

In positive news...he is almost 50 inches tall! Wowza! He'll be taller than Aunt Barb by the end of 2nd grade! :) His feet are huge...(size 3) and he is wearing a size 7 pant...he needs the length! He is going to need a new bike! I should probably start looking on Craigslist for a taller bike for him! and more long pants! I was hoping that the snow pants I got for him this winter would last through next winter...now I'm thinking that they probably won't.

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