Vegetable Goodness

So, last Friday I went to Meijer after I dropped Little Joe off at school. I figured I might as well get my grocery shopping done, so I wouldn't have to fight the crowds on Saturday. Holy CROW!! Have you ever been on a Friday morning, before 9AM? The people there are NICE!! and SMILING! And...the produce guy puts out CLEARANCE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES!!! Each pack you see in the picture...no more than a dollar. the cukes were 40 cents. the oranges were 50 cents. And since most of the fruit is going into the juicer...SCORE!!!

But, I had to figure out what to do with the tomatoes (all romas) and peppers. So...I oven roasted them. The house smelled so incredibly GOOD!!

Post-roasting pic of the tomatoes:

And for the peppers...just a little EVOO under the broiler for a few minutes...and look at this!!! They peeled easily and are now in my freezer to toss into GF pasta or whatever. OMG - YUMM!!

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