Random Info - 3 Quirks

So, in an effort to share way too much information with you, I will be listing my top three "quirks" that drive me crazy, and they must be just so. I am by no means OCD, however, I have some OCD tendencies. (If you looked at my house, you would know that OCD ain't a problem...)

3. Water on my face. No. Not a good thing. When I shower, I lean back at a crazy ridiculous angle to wash my hair, but I NEVER EVER let the water touch my face. When washing my face, I must splash the water on with my hands. It probably is related to why I hate putting my face in the water when I swim.

2. Coffee cups. I don't have any matching coffee cups, and I NEVER EVER want matching coffee cups. I have many coffee cups, and they all tell stories, and make me think of either the person who gave it to me, or a special occasion. Silly, yes...but true. When I choose a coffee cup to use in the morning, it essentially defines me for the rest of the day.

1. Little spoons. When I eat soup, cereal, something that needs a spoon, I MUST use the small one. The smallest possible. I hate those "cereal" spoons, and the "soup" spoons you get at a restaurant. Too Big!! I don't need a construction shovel for goodness sake!!

OK - there. you know more useless random information about me.


Nancy E said...

I am new to the Top 3 so I have been looking at all the Quirks across Blogworld.... so here I am ---

I like the heavy handled spoons, but the soup spoons are definitely crazy --- who's mouth is big enough to use those anyway? I guess the slurpers don't mind? :)

And I was just thinking about the coffee cup thing - knowing I have my faves (holding one right now) -- for various reasons (where they came from, how the feel in my hand and how long they keep the coffee hot). And we have 2 that match because my hubby & I love to match - because we match! :)

Cheers for a great day

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I realllly like your top 3-- I particularly like your stance on spoons. I do the same thing! The large ones are just too big for my mouth. Besides, I like to enjoy my food, not eat it in two heaping spoonfuls!


The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Totally get the little spoon thing. Hubby knows I always use the smaller forks and spoons. Again, not sure why, but that's what I like!

Sorry it took me so long to stop by.

Thanks for playing our game!