I'm still alive!!!

I keep saying that I will get back to blogging, and then I never do. My life is very busy right now, and I am trying to figure out what is best for me. I’m happy, but I’m frustrated about some things. Mostly career-wise…but I’m not going to talk about it online. So...Other news in our lives: (yes, in a list format)
  1. Joseph started 2nd grade yesterday. Wow. I can’t believe he is already that grown up. I remember my 2nd grade year so well.
  2. Big Joe is in Vegas. He is visiting Sid Wright, whom many of you may know – He had a stroke a few weeks ago, and isn’t able to fly back to Michigan yet. Joe decided to go and visit him in the hospital. He is leaving this afternoon, flying home on Saturday.
  3. I love teaching. It is tough and challenging – but it is so cool.
  4. My garden is dwindling. Tomatoes didn’t fare too well this year – except the blasted cherry tomatoes – they are out of control. The heirlooms were OK, and the Better Boys didn’t perform at all. Very disappointing for tomatoes. However – the zucchini are on steroids. I can’t get a zucchini under a foot in length. ARGH!! Peppers did really well – wish I knew what to do with all of them!
  5. Little Joe has got to be one of the most independent kids I know. He scares me sometimes, how much he wants to go grow and be an adult. He does things HIS way.
  6. Another batch of wine is brewing - an Australian Shiraz. Yumm.
  7. I went running earlier this week....and hurt my hip. Badly. the same one I had surgery on...I'm a little scared that I did something to it.
  8. Dax turned 12 a few weeks ago. She is getting old, and I am worried about that. And, she has this weird growth on her side that won't go away, and won't heal. Ew.
  9. Why is it that I feel incredibly unorganized all the time??
  10. And I feel disconnected from myself...like I'm watching myself going through the motions. Hmmm...kind of philosphical, but I think I need to center myself.

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