Office Coffee

This past weekend my boys went to Mackinac Island for a boys weekend.  They swam in the pool, took the ferry to the Island (under the bridge!!), visited the fort, and had a great time!  And, they brought me back some gifts.  (yay!)
First and foremost: fudge.  They made me so happy!  Even though nobody needs the extra calories from fudge...HELLO?!?!?  Who can resist it?  Chocolate with Pecans.  Oh yeah.  and Choclate with Peanut Butter. Double Oh yeah.
But, even better...(and what could be better than fudge??)...they brought me back some house blend coffee from Java Joe's.  This place is in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn in St. Ignace.  They have pizza, and omelets, and crepes, and COFFEE!!!  They have WHITEFISH PIZZA!!!  and they have LOBSTER PIZZA WITH WHITE SAUCE!!!!  they have some seriously yummy food.  Including OREO PANCAKES!!!  (Yes, I realize that I can't eat anything that I just yelled about, but they sound so yummy!) 
Oh, back to the coffee...I made a pot of it on Monday morning.  Heaven.  So good.  Smooth, not bitter.  Hearty flavor.  Good stuff.
Fast forward to today...I arrived at the office early, thus needing a cup of coffee.  I made a pot of the office coffee...and sat back to wait for the brewing to finish.  I poured a cup, mixed in fresh half and half, took a sip...and almost spit it out!!    Office coffee is nowhere near as good as Java Joe's.  Darnit. 

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