Proud Mama...

So, I previously about Joseph getting his library card...and now, I can proudly say he is reading chapter books, and really getting into them. He is required to read for 15 minutes a night (thank you, Ms. Ciupek). He is reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid", and I *think* he likes it.

Needless to say, when I caught a picture of him, reading on the couch...my heart swelled.

Growing up, I was a reader. As in...I never went anywhere without a book, and my Dad would constantly get mad at me if I had my nose stuck in a book during dinner at a restaurant. I loved Nancy Drew, and the Black Stallion, and all of the VC Andrews books. (the early ones). I couldn't put Stephen King down (on second thought, I was probably much too young for S. King...but what did I care).

Hopefully, this is the start of something amazing. I can't wait to see what he reads next!!!

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