getting back to the positive.

Our lives have been busy for the past few months, and I have not been doing any decent job keeping things caught up with photos, etc. So - I am going to see what photos I have to upload and go from there.

Dax is getting older and older...we caught this great picture of her (with a wizard hat on. What? Your dog doesn't have a wizard hat? SHEESH!!) Look how GREY she is!!!

And I'll bet you are just DYING to know what this is....Joseph made it for me from Legos. It's the ROUGE RIVER with a BRIDGE over it!!! :) (Yes - my kid rocks)

And my new favorite thing: Vodka Martini with a jalapeno-stuffed olive. (Chopin potato vodka!!)

In other news:

I am happy.
I am moving in a direction that I want my life to be.

I have a new job, and I start on Monday. WHOOT!!!

Expect greatness from me!!!! (well...sorta. Give me a chance to get back up to speed!!)
And, just in case you were worried...I can't forget a list:
1. I need to have surgery on my hip. This will be a topic of blogging.
2. Little Joe is growing up WAY too quickly.
3. We are in the midst of SnowPocalypse 2011
4. I love my new IPod
5. I already have a list of plants for the garden - YEAH!!
6. I'm going to miss my friends in Troy, and in the Clinton, and in the Rouge.
7. But I'm not going to miss everyone.
8. I'm thankful for my training buddy!
9. I love Slows BBQ
10. I'm thankful for BK finding an awesome GF Bakery in the Grand Rapids area!!

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