Crazy Bugs, Seeds and Chocolate

How many of you forgot to spring the clock forward? I did...of course. I feel like I have lost half of my Sunday morning! (yes - I realize that it is only an hour!!)

Not for the faint of heart: check this bug out!! I found him on the blinds in the bathroom...no clue how he got in the house though. I *think* he is an assassin bug...which means he is harmless. He actually eats the other little yucky bugs. However, he looks a little like a stink bug too - which are gross. I caught him and threw him outside. Yes - he'll probably freeze to death - but that is the Circle of Life, my friend.

I started my seeds already. (only 6 weeks until May!!) I have 72 little plugs of: oregano, basil, morning glories, poppy, yellow tomato and butternut squash. There are other veggies that I will directly sow. And there are other veggies that I don't have luck starting from seed, so I will just buy the plugs at Schwartz's.
As for self-indulgence...this chocolate bar is heaven. Last week, I was on my way back to work from a meeting - and found that I hadn't had lunch yet. I wandered over to Sparrow Market in Kerrytown, and though I *love* this little market - I was struggling finding something that I really wanted. I grabbed an apple and a box of GF crackers...but wasn't excited about it. As I was checking out, I pondered the chocolate selection. The cashier shyly asked if I was interested in any chocolate. I told her no- because nothing was really jumping out at me. She recommended the "Lindt with the Sea Salt" Huh? Seriously? She assured me that I would like it..."Just try it!!" So - I did. Holy Crow! She was right!!! I'm in love with my new found chocolate bar!!

Busy week coming up...and I can't wait!! I've been in the new job for 5 weeks...and I am learning so many new amazing things! And I LOVE IT!!!!

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