Back in the Groove, bit a little sad.

Because I've been gone so long... I will start with a summary.

I ran in the Detroit Free Press marathon relay. 6 miles. Through the tunnel underneath the Detroit River. I know....What was I thinking? The race was ok - cold and wet though. I also have just a little touch of claustrophobia. The tunnel was long. But - all in all - it was ALOT of fun.

It is hunting season so you know what that means. The hubby is gone up north trying to get our dinners for the next year. I don't mind being a deer with no but I really like when he comes home on sunday night!!

I'm doing the teaching gig at LTU again. It has its ups and downs but at the end of the day I do enjoy teaching. What I do not enjoy is the fact that it is an hour away from Ann Arbor and I have to take afternoon away from my office to go into each. I am busy at work and this time away is very tough. I end up coming in early and mostly bringing work home even over the weekend. The semester is just about half done so we still have several weeks left.

No major news about my hip... except that I now have a surgery date. January sixth. A Friday. This time is different though instead of being scared I am really excited for the surgery and looking forward to having a painless hip joint. Yes...it will be tough but I'm okay with that. I am so going to own that cane.

Work is awesome. I don't know how else to say it. I love what I do and I feel like I am making a difference. The people are great in the community.

The boys are good. The munchkin is the tallest in his class...and he weighs 78 pounds!! He is going to be a linebacker!! He still loves Legos, and is startingt o show an interest in the robotic Legos. I'm not sure about those yet...

We had some sad news last month - Dax is no longer with us. Yes - I still cry when I think about her. She was an amazing part of our family...and will always hold a special place in my heart. I can't think about getting another dog to replace her just yet. But...the house is eeriely silent. I still look for her when I come home. I still leave a little food on my plate for her, only to realize that she isn't waiting in the kitchen for me. Sigh.

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