Random 25 Things. (I love Lists!!)

1. I want to name our next dogs Sarek and Nyota. (both German Shepherds…btw)
2. I’m excited about my upcoming surgery (which, in turn, scares me)
3. I like red wine more than white wine.
4. I’m learning to like good scotch.
5. Nutella doesn’t taste as good as it did when I was in Germany (19 years ago).
6. I wish I had more time to be introspective.
7. I am constantly surprised with the way life turns out.
8. I like dinner parties.
9. I think of my mom when I see a penny on the ground. She is saying hi to me from Heaven, or wherever she is.
10. I also think of my Mom when the lights flicker. She is saying hi then too.
11. I think people complain too much.
12. I wish I knew how to pluck my eyebrows by myself. I can’t do them. I have to pay someone else at the salon.
13. I am avoiding our backyard right now because it reminds me of Dax.
14. I want a wine cellar in my house.
15. I’m really clumsy.
16. I’m a deer widow insomniac.
17. I’m singing with a Festival Chorale next summer. Verdi’s Requiem. (Yes – I’m very excited!)
18. I love our new camper.
19. I like gluten free graham crackers.
20. I love sunrises.
21. I don’t like clutter. But, I like piles. (Shut up – they work for me.)
22. I like snarky humorous artwork.
23. I collect coffee cups
24. My perfect vacation would be a cabin in the UP on Lake Superior.
25. I need to make time to run more.

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