Running, Vacations and Power Steering

So. I had surgery for my hip on February 19th. Almost 7 weeks ago? more than 7 weeks ago? A while ago. I've been going to Physical Therapy for a month now, and I can walk without limping, I have little pain in my hip, however, I cannot rotate my hip very well. for example, try to sit in a chair, and cross your legs with your ankle on the top of your knee. Yeah, I can't do that very well. At least, I thought that I wasn't doing very well, until the therapist told me that what I was able to do before the surgery was UNNATURAL AND FREAKISH. Gee, thanks. So, apparently, I was a circus freak before I had surgery, and now, my hip is back to what normal people can do. nice.

Last night, I went running for the first time in about a Year. Since the doctor told me that I couldn't run. April of 2007. wow. Yes, my complacent butt had gotten a little too used to sitting around and not exercising. So, on the therapist's approval - I tried out my running legs...which didn't work very well after not being used for a year. I was stiff and slow. ow. And today...I hurt. ow.

So, we have started planning our summer family vacation. We are going to take a week and drive to the UP, go camping, head to MN to Thief River Falls to see family, spend a few days there, then drive to Excelsior, just outside of the Cities, to see more family, then head back to the UP to camp near Escanaba, then head home. I am really looking forward to this trip! I don't get to see my family very often, so when I do, it makes me very happy! More to come about that...

And finally, I have yet another trip to the car dealer. Yes. I was just there last Friday, to get some minor concerns about my transmission taken care of. And...on the wya home tonight, I tried to turn into my subdivision....AND THE WHEEL WOULDN'T TURN! I almost endd up going through a sign and over a curb. The frickin' power steering went out on my car. WTF?? Darn it all...now I have to drive the car BACK to the dealer, which is about 35 miles away (by my office) tomorrow morning, without power steering. I plan on pulling into their garage, and turning the wheel so they too can hear the screeching squealing noise that I heard tonight.

Grrr...I'm glad that it is the end of today. I need it to be tomorrow. See ya.

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