All is Well...

Big Joe has recovered, well sort of. In the sense that he is awake, and sort of moving around. He is sleeping in the zero-gravity recliner chairs (like the ones that My Aunt and Uncle in Oregon have on their porch). He is taking his pain pills when needed, and being a good invalid. :)

We had a snow day yesterday (8 inches of snow), so little Joe stayed home with us. I got to play in the snow with him too. Whoo-hoo!! I did brave the snow and roads to go to Meijer, and got stuck three times between there and home, including right in front of our driveway. Ugh. Stupid car. Stupid snow.

Other than that, we are hanging around the house, staying in our PJs. I might have to go back out, as Little Joe ran his xmas train set until the batteries died, and we want to make sure that the train is running when Santa coems to visit!!

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-D. said...

Sending healing vibes!! Hope Joe's doing better! So what exactly did he have done?