Check This Out!!

Check out these links from Animusic. This is something that Little Joe absolutely loves. He came from school, and told me that I "HAD to go online to check out the cool computer robot music".

So...Here and Here.

Let me know what you think.

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ypsibob said...

Do I infer that Little Joe believes these are actual robots, rather than an animation? Sounds like a 'fact' versus 'fiction' discussion coming up.

I recall an incident during my older nephew's first years in elementary school, he was bound and determined to write a paper for a science project explaining how warp engines in 'Star Trek' worked (being married to a Trekkie yourself I am sure you understand).

My sister and bro-in-law worked hard to explain that there is a reason we call it 'science fiction'.... Jim is getting ready to come home with his unit from Kuwait ~ Palm Sunday but I suspect he still thinks his parents were pulling his leg and that warp engines really do work .... (he has a light-saber by the way ...).