Good Things

Yeah!! Little Joe can float on his back! You see, this little monster REFUSES to learn how to swim. He gives up WAY too easily. No, we don't have him in swim lessons. He has little to no body fat, is all solid muscle, and sinks like a rock in the water. So - yesterday afternoon, we all went swimming at the gym as a family. It was alot of fun - but the best part was Joseph FINALLY floating on his back. I am so proud of him! (He also went underneath the mushroom fountain, which he has never done either).

Then, Little Joe and I were heading home (Dad went out to a friend's house), we got a phone call from a good friend, inviting us to dinner with her family...at CASA FIESTA!! Now - you know how much I LOVE Mexican food...so we were rather more than willing to go. We had a wonderful time, and great adult conversation too. They are a wonderful family to hang out with. Our boys have a common love of "Back to the Future", and Joseph asked me if their son could come over for a sleepover and watch "Back to the Future" all night long...Too cute!!

My boys are off fishing this afternoon - they are heading to Newburgh Lake, to see if the fish are biting.

A funny side story...last night, on the way home from dinner, Little Joe and I stopped at Meijer to buy bread. Then, I realized that I could buy worms for the boys, so they wouldn't have to stop today, and then...I saw that Barefoot Cellars had wine on sale...so I grabbed two bottles of Cab. So, in the checkout line...I had:
1. a loaf of Wonder White Bread
2. a plastic bucket of live worms
3. two bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon.

I'll bet the checkout person was wondering what kind of weirdos we are!!!

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