Piano and Camping in the Bedroom

I took the day off today, because Little Joe had the day off of school. Instead of wasting the day, I decided to make the day useful...and I called the piano tuner. You see, we have a 1936 Baldwin upright player piano...the same one that I learned on. It is in our "piano room", one of the little bedrooms in our house.

So, the tuner guy is here right now. He's also the same guy who will be giving Joseph the lessons. Wow - our piano was RIDICULOUSLY out of tune. I'm cringing everytime he presses a key. egads!!! But, I'm so very glad that this is getting done. It makes me feel a little more balanced and secure. I'm not sure why tuning a piano would make me feel secure - but it does.

I can't wait to start Joseph's lessons. I can't wait to have this house full of music. I can't wait to have Joseph appreciate music, and all that stuff.

And in other Joseph wierdness news: He decided to put his popup tent in OUR BEDROOM last night! And he slept in it! All night! Aside from his heavy breathing, and snoring...I barely knew he was there!

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