Frogs and Insanity

I am so glad that I was the only person in my office this morning. You see, I have an eclectic mix on my IPod, which includes Frog Mating Calls. Yes, you read that correctly. Friends of the Rouge does this amazing program to assess the heath of the watershed by locating where frog populations are, by listening for their mating calls. Some frogs are indicator species of cleaner water; therefore, if you hear these frogs, then you can assume that they are living in a high quality habitat.

So, when I got to the office this morning, I plugged my IPod into the speakers that my awesome hubby got me for Xmas…and proceeded to start my day. I was jamming away to some great tunes, organizing my to-do list. That is, until I heard the Wood Frog Call. I paused, to be sure that I was hearing what I thought I was hearing…and then I LOOKED UNDER MY DESK!!!!

No, seriously. I thought there was a Wood Frog under my desk. Under. My. Desk.

Until I realized that I was INSIDE CITY HALL!!!

And you thought that I was normal…boy, were YOU wrong!

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hcamel24 said...

HAHAHA! I LOVE it...I would have done the same thing though...:)