A quiet moment.

Tonight, Little Joe and I went to Pizza Hut to celebrate his "BookIt" coupon. (If he reads a certain number of books in a month, he gets a coupon for a free personal pizza). Mr. Picky eater told me that he likes Pizza Hut pizza better than the pizza we get at home (Hungry Howies). Great. I'm not exactly a fan of the Hut. Ick. Ew. But hey - if it gets my kid to eat more...OK then.

On the way home, after stopping my the MIL's house, I turned on some classical music on the radio (Beethoven's 4th), to which he excalimed "Ooh - Mommy - I like this music. Keep it here!"

(My happiness and pride was gushing at this minute)

Then, when we got home, he asked if he could listen to this music while he fell asleep. He has never asked this before. But...as I type this, he is laying in our bed, sleeping, with the classical music (XM Pops channel) on. This is so cool.

All I need now is a glass of wine, and the evening would be perfectly calming and relaxing. Big Joe is out with some of his friends...having him at home and relaxing would be even MORE perfect. But, sometimes alone time is necessary. Not all the time though. I don't like being alone.

enough babbling.


hcamel24 said...

WOW! What a blast from the past with the whole BookIt thing. I remember doing that. Little Joe seems like so much fun :) I love hearing of your adventures!

The Bonfiglio Family said...

I remember 'BookIt' ... that was a great program and I loved going to get those personal pan pizzas. You know how I like it, green olives and pepperoni baby!!