Family Pictures...

These family pics were taken by Joe's cousin...Maegan. She is simply amazing. She needs to go into photography. People would pay major money for quality like this. She did an amazing job!!! There are more - but these are some of my faves. I'll be ordering prints on Snapfish this weekend. Yeah!!

points for anyone who knows where we had them done.....:)
And not least...Little Joe on Halloween...Firefighter Joe. We went to Grandma's neighborhood - and made out like a BANDIT!! He even had to get a grocery bag from someone to hold all the extra stuff that wouldn't fit in his pumpkin! Too cool! Mind you, he didn't eat any of it...he only like PB cups and hershey kisses.


Heather said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! I love them Jen! You have a great looking family (of course) and the pictures are such a great reflection of you all. :)

The Bonfiglio Family said...

I love the pictures, you guys are so cute. What an adorable little family!! I'm guessing Hines Park ... what do I win?