Bunk Beds and Hunting

Santa made an early visit to the Lawson House this year...to deliver a Bunk Bed. Boy, this was interesting.

First, let me tell you WHY Little Joe wanted a bunkbed...

To. Be. Closer. To. His. Yellow. Grandma. Yes - you read that correctly.

He called my mom (Denise) his "Yellow Grandma". Not sure why, but he did. Anyways, before she passed away, she was quite spiritual, believing in spirits that return to the world that we live in, and making sure that their loved ones are safe. And, according to him, she visits him. Often. And sings to him. And hangs out near the ceiling in his room. So...he wanted a bunk bed, so he could sleep on the top, and be closer to her. (Yes, let the tears commence...)

So, now we have a bunk bed in his room. The boys went away for a Saturday (hunting), and I had a girlfriend help me pick up the bed from ArtVan, bring it home and assemble it over the course of a long afternoon. Ugh. But...the boy is happy!!!

And - here are some of my favorite pics of the boys...on their way up north to go hunting!!
They sat in Dad's blind for a few hours. Well, maybe 2 hours. According to Little Joe, they saw 6 DEER!!!

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Heather said...

What a sweet little guy you have. I love that his yellow grandma visits him :)