Good news...and a possible future (part-time) career

So, sometimes when a door is slammed in your face, something else might present itself. And...it did.

In a roundabout way, and because of a good friend whom I owe massive baked goods to...I was offered an Adjunct Faculty Professor Position at Lawrence Technological University. Holy Crow. I still can't believe it, even as I type it out!!!

I will be teaching one class this January (GIS and Land Use Planning) to Civil Engineering students. However, LTU has asked me to develop some other courses for this Fall - in Sustainability, Ecological Design, Environmental Ethics, or something similar.

It isn't going to pay the bills, but this has opened up my mind for so many possibilities for the future. I don't know what I am going to do...but I am excited for some of the potentials that I might be able to pursue...

And Yes...you have to call me Professor from now on!! :)

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Heather said...

That is SO FLIPPIN' AWESOME Professor Lawson! :) Congrats!! Good things are ahead for sure! xoxo