Graduation. I Did It.

I did it. On December 20th, I walked into Crisler Arena, and wore the traditional cap and gown and hood of a University of Michigan Graduate. After 10 years...I did it!

Can you see me? Underneath the sign for "Natural Resources & the Environment".

The procession of all the REALLY important people...

The speaker at commencement? Jeff Daniels!!!
Me...holding the school's sign...on the way up to the stage.

And walking back to my seat, after shaking hands with the Provost (whom I have never met), and the Dean (whom I have never met).

My proud son...

Acting goofy!!

Me and Joe...after I graduated...in front of the whole Arena.

The closeup of my hood...the color is Russet.


Heather said...

Congrats, girl! Wish I had continued on... :) BTW, Jeff Daniels = awesome.

YpsiBob said...

Congratulations and thank you for tuition payments that make up a small portion of my salary. Don't feel bad about having never met the Provost or Dean, I haven't either. The staff around UM rank lower than the students in that regard ....[smile]

This was the first chance I've had to look at the pictures from graduation. Dear old Crisler Arena sure wears well...

Now do I recall correctly that you only rent a robe when you graduate? Or do advanced degrees get to (have to) buy? Or do you keep just the stoll-thingy...?