Music...A common language

Check this out...even in this crazy world we live in...there is a common language that we all speak. Some people know the language better than others...but we all can hear it, even if we can't "say" it exactly correct. Wow...


Makes you think a little bit about all the hateful and horrible things that people do to each other. I've never understood hate. I don't see what a person could have done to make you so angry, and lose all compassion for human life. Don't get me wrong, there are people that I don't like, there is one guy that I REALLY can't stand (pretty close to hate), but life is too short to waste on being angry.

If music can be a shared language for us, maybe it can also make us realize that we aren't that much different from the person sitting next to us. Maybe it can help us realize that the "Horrible things" aren't so horrible...and the hate isn't worth the effort.

Enough pondering for an early Sunday morning...I already went to the gym this morning, now I am enjoying my coffee, listening to Little Joe snoring on the couch (yes, he slept on the couch last night), and getting ready to read my book!

Happy Sunday!!

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