I am worried.  I am freaking out.  I had to bring Dax to the vet last night.  Again.  Sigh.

She has a growth on her back that won’t go away.  And won’t heal.  And won’t stop oozing.  And won’t stop growing.  I brought her in a few months ago, and the vet cleaned it up and gave me some medicine for it.  And….it didn’t work.  The growth came back.

So, I brought her in last night, and the vet took a look and said “We can remove it.”  And of course, I asked the inevitable question…”Could it be Cancer?”  He said no, not likely.  He said it looked more like a cyst, and it didn’t seem to have any roots, so he thinks removal outright will be the best solution. 

So, the proposed plan is for pre-surgery blood work done in the next 2 weeks, then full anesthesia surgery after that.  And a chunk of change out of our wallet.  But, she is our baby…and our FIRST baby.  I want to do the best for her. I’m scared.

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