A2 and Happy People

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Ann Arbor? Not just because I work downtown now. Not just because I work FOR the City now. Not just because they have an awesome Art Fair in the summer. Not just because they have a great University here. This entire community is just that. A COMMUNITY. People here are helpful. People here are kind. People here are welcoming. People here smile. People here are happy.
So - in short order...YES. The new job is wonderful. I am busting my behind getting caught up on so many amazing projects - and they are really a forward-thinking place...which makes me happy. I haven't ventured out to the many eateries here (only becuase it is so darn COLD, and I don't want to go outside).
We have a 3-day weekend coming up, and I'm looking forward to a relaxing day of doing nothing with my family. Absolutely nothing. Whoot!! maybe I'll upload photos to the blog or something productive like that.
On a side note - I've joined the Ypsilanti Community Choir. Yes - you read that right. It is odd, it is bittersweet, it is sad and happy at the same time. But, I'm enjoying it.

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