starting the story

Maybe I'll start in the middle of the journey. Maybe I will bounce around with the stories and then summarize with a timeline. I don't know. I have a million things in my mind...I wonder why.

Today is day three at home. The first day was OK. The second day was OK. The third day...I'm guessing it will be OK too.

I have so many thank yous that I need to get out there.

I have so many good things I want to say about the surgery.

I have a handful of complaints....(thankfully not too many)

I have some funny stories.

I have some tips and tricks for those individuals who may have to have a PAO in the future.

I have goals and wishes and dreams.

(Which made me realize that I haven't shared my resolutions yet...that will come...)

This really sounds like this will be a series of lists...interjected with photos. I highly doubt I will post a picture of my scars...mostly because I don't want you to lose your lunch. or breakfast, or coffee. So - I will leave you with picture of my amazing family:

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